5 апр. 2014 г.


"Spring"- 34 см;
 мохер; расшит крестиком нитками мулине; 
набивка- древесные опилочки и металлический гранулянт для веса;
 глазки- стекло на петле;
 соединение на шплинтах; 
украшение- металлическое пёрышко.

у нас пока Такая весна...

4 комментария:

Kays Kids комментирует...

Your darling bear is gorgeous. I love her colour.
Hugs Kay

Naomi Lee комментирует...

Such delicate colours...!
I did not expect the name "Spring" though. Do Russian springs look like that? Must be quite a charm.

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Dear Kay! Thank you very much!))
sometimes hectic days want peace and quiet .. and this bear this in it .. and the calm rhythm of life and the family, and confidence in the future: everything will be fine! This and I wish you and everyone! Well-being! Family! Faith in tomorrow! World!))
hugs Sveta and Spring

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Good time, Naoimi!)
Thank you very much!))
yes, in my town until spring flowers .. Such things will change in May, exactly, can the end of April .. only if the snow melts, there will be leaves and flowers bloom early ...

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