10 апр. 2014 г.


"Молочный шоколад"-
18 см в полный рост;
винтажный плюш;
расшит шёлковыми ленточками;
тонирован акриловыми красками;
набит древесными опилками и гранулянтом.

4 комментария:

Kays Kids комментирует...

How beautiful your little chocolate bear is. I love her pretty flowers in her hair.
Hugs Kay

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Dear Kay!! Thank You very much! Very nice)))
Solar and You Delicious days) as we say: Let everything be in chocolate !! ( all will be well!!)
Hugs Sveta and Chocolate )

Naomi Lee комментирует...

What a sweetie! I guess she is a healthy chocolate alternative for the Easter? Seems sweeter than Easter chocolates though! I absolutely love all your "food" bears...
Oh, and find her orange nose immensely cute too.♥

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Naomi!! Thank you very much!!))
Yes, this Chocolate can all girls! Not Colorino;)) and for Easter and for Birthday and other small holidays soul))! I love chocolate, can't do without it. At least in the morning, at least a little piece)) my Chocolate Milk and today with me;))
Orange nose is as nutty nougat... Only adds flavor) .. Oh, I'm such a sweet tooth))
May Your day be sweet, tasty and with a smile!!)))

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