30 мар. 2014 г.


Blekbet Rose (Блекбет Роуз)- 36 см;
 винтажный густой плюш; 
расшита шёлковыми ленточками ​.
 Набивка- древесные опилочки; соединения- шплинты. 
Глазки- антикварные пуговки на металлической петле.
Платье из тончайшего батиста.

2 комментария:

Naomi Lee комментирует...

Blakbet Rose is a very unique bear. Such a lady. She has such poise and grace.
Frankly, I can't imagine going "aww" and squeezing her tight like other bears. But rather, a gentle pat and caressing... for she's a real lady. :)

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Thank you, Naomi) agree . Bleket rose is not a simple girl. It should listen to. And she can understand all Your history of sorrow. she wouldn't tell Your secrets. Bleket love songs about love , evening tea, night conversations and quiet to sit on his hands.
This Teddy bear vintage. Its place in the ancient books, the grandmother's casket or old suitcase.

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