27 мар. 2014 г.

мишки на усыновление

люблю их..)))
"Lizi" и "Tit" (Синичкин;))
возможен резерв..

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Kays Kids комментирует...

Two very beautiful bears, full of character.
Hugs Kay

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Dear Kay! Thank you very much! Sunny Greetings from my teddy Your!))

Naomi Lee комментирует...

Dear Svetlana,

I did not know there was an automatic translator on your website due to some add-ons on my computer.
I'm so happy that I can go through your website (and be mesmerised by your creations) now.^^

They're so lovely! Love the antique look on those bears... are they lovers?

Hope you have fun in the exhibition!

With love, Naomi.

Михайлова С.В. комментирует...

Dear Naomi!
Thank You very much) for Your sympathy to my Teddy, old and new works! I'm very pleased!!
Lovest Lisi and Tit each other - I do not know;) here are great friends, they are the exact!!) and then we'll see)))
With Love, Svetlana , Lizi and Tit ;***

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